What we do

What we do {&how?}

The first thing we do is scout for passion. Passionate people build passionate companies and great products. It is kind of infectious. Once we discover manufacturers/companies who are passionate about their work, we identify core competencies and bring in handpicked product designers towards creating an engaging range of products with oodles of customer delight. Our products carry the range and depth of the rich legacy of art and crafts of India’s diverse culture - across fabrics, textures and innovative building materials.

Then quite simply, we help manufacturers and buyers make direct contact across global marketplaces. Our core idea is to build volumes in the categories we deal in, to reduce machine downtime, and constantly improve both, the product and its delivery.

Every win-win partnership between suppliers and buyers is a vote for the Port-of-Trust. Enduring partnerships script long-term success stories. Port of Trust serves as a single window interface between buyers and sellers, facilitating confidence and trust in successful business relationships. Our team works with buyers on Product Development, Price Negotiations, Order Follow-up, Quality Inspections and provides regular pre- and post-shipment updates to customers.

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We run a tight ship {why?}

We are aware that good business takes time to build. In fact, most successful companies are built over time, especially when seeking to commit and deliver only the best. Most B2B agencies today offer an unbelievably wide gamut of products. They spread themselves too thin, if you ask us. Quality is often their first casualty, delivery the next. Which is why at Port of Trust we stick to working with businesses whose processes we understand and admire. We enjoy building business with companies who are non-negotiable about quality and enthusiastic with deadlines. And we run a tight ship: keep it orderly, work effectively! This allows us ample scope to pursue our clients’ requirements without compromise or error. Given our skills, we also work to better the product, its process, and the market requirements.

Our quest to build an India-impressive portfolio is presently limited to select business partners across Bed, Bath and Home.

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