The Team

The team at Port-of-Trust enjoys diverse backgrounds - Design, Product Development, Advertising, Management and Computer Applications. It is almost a mission with this team to forage the breadth of expertise available in India to continuously surprise our buyers with a diverse range of delightful products.

Our team leaders have previous work experience with global giants functioning as retailers, brand owners and importers. The marketing team is led by advertising and marketing professionals who have worked across continents – with home décor importers, retailers and boutique stores. We create and design collections worked on by experienced designers from National Institute of Design and NIFT. Together as a unit, the Port-of-Trust team understands global demands and is able to pinpoint manufacturers who can help create products that meet the requirements of the international marketplace.

Team Members

Ganesh Purohit Alternate Text


Sanjay Purohit Alternate Text

Marketing Director

Harpreet Sahni Alternate Text

GM - Admin & Finance

Shailesh Tiwari Alternate Text

GM - Operations

Amit Roy Alternate Text