About Us

Our Journey

Port of Trust believes that the objective of 'One Planet - One World' can be successfully realized only when people all over the world come together as One - under an umbrella of mutual trust, and work hand-in-hand to co-create a better world. 

Our definition of a better world is one that seeks to connect all of humanity through common strains of activity: economic cooperation/appreciation of cultural diversity / a shared concern for the planet.

From 2012

 Port of Trust commences operations from Gurgaon, National Capital Region, India.The company, was an attempt to create a platform where a collective of like minded people could work together to create an enterprise that would infinitely be Bigger, Better, and More Capable than what individuals could create alone.That vision is what continues to define us – our belief in the power of people with shared values working together

Through to 2019

  • We service hospitality and home goods brands in Australia, the Americas and the Nordic territory with Made-in-India products
  • We work with Startups and Innovation led companies of Europe helping them set up operations in India
  • We lend expertise to  Social Enterprises/Women led Organisations/ReUse-UpCycle Product companies to scale up